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Pressurisation Units

Albion Water Management manufactures a range of pressurisation units primarily for use in sealed commercial heating systems. We work in partnership with commercial boiler sellers, in providing them a customised range of units for direct selling and marketing, and therefore do not sell directly to end users.

The range has been designed around the Eurosip/Astra PB pump that we have been importing for over 15 years. It is an excellent pump that delivers a great performance.

The range of units currently consists of:

Pressurisation Units - The Compact - This unit is based on a small footprint and provides cold fill pressures of up to 3.4 Bar controlled by a single pressure switch.


This unit has been made as small as possible around the pump which gives a low cost Industrial pumped PU. The pump will go up to 3.4 Bar and is controlled by a single Pressure Switch.

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Pressurisation Units - Basic SP - This unit gives a larger water storage tank.


This unit has a larger water tank, and has added high and low volt free Pressure Switches.

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Pressurisation Units - The SPE - This unit is slightly larger but uses same tank and pump configuration.


A single pump electronic version controlled by our own electronics that have been CE approved. For specification and details of functions available see below.

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Pressurisation Units - DPE - This unit is the same size as the SPE. It has a twin pump configuration with auto changeover, and pump failure diagnostic ensuring that the unit continues to operate when one pump fails. See the Electronics data sheet for full specification.


A twin pump version of the SPE

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Pressurisation Units - Elecronic Control - The electronics have been developed to work with single or twin pump facility.


The electronics have been developed to work with single or twin pump facility and includes: Pump cut in and cut out settings; High and Low Pressure settings; amount of water introduced by unit into sealed system; pump cycle count; separate pump run hours meter; Low Water cut out facility; Pump minimum and maximum run times; Pump minimum cycle time; Pump Duty cycle time; Pump selection setting; self diagnosing pump failure setting; fill function; passcode protection; High Pressure, Low Pressure and General Alarm volt free contacts.

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