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Oxygen Analyser - Mark II - O2 Plus

Oxygen Analyser

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Following the success of the Mark I version, the Mark II version, the O2 Plus, is now microchip controlled as well as being user programmable. The unit still uses the Bosch Lambda Sensor which is well proven technology in the industry. Primarily used on Kilns and Furnaces, the unit provides accurate readings of Oxygen which can then be used to control the fuel mixture to the user's requirements. The unit provides Volt and mAmp outputs over user defined Oxygen Range. The unit also allows the user to set alarm levels which can be monitored via the volt free contacts within the unit.

The unit can be used to fire more efficiently and subsequently make savings in energy costs which are becoming more important due to recent price increases.

The features of the unit are best seen by looking at the menu structure and wiring diagram which can be found on pages 8, 9 and 10 of the operating and installation manual.

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